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Finance International Centre (FIC) is a consulting firm providing specialized expertise to Financial Services Providers and SMEs in Rwanda. Our activities include Accounting Services, Data information processing, Strategic & Business Planning and Trainings. “Finance International Centre” was incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Rwanda in 2014 with the Head Office in Kigali City. Our aim is to offer tailor made consultancy services focusing on business finance and market
development for SMEs. Our targeted markets are the SACCOs, Microfinance institutions, Commercial Banks, Cooperative organizations,
Non-Government Organizations, Companies and individual business practitioners.
Business Development Consultancy

Business Development Consultancy

We offer Business Development services to make business managers responsible for growing their companies by helping them to identify business weaknesses and challenges and determine relevant solutions. We assist in Business Plan development, Elaboration of Manual of procedures, Human resource structure and staff grading, performance and job evaluation as well as market development for innovation and growth.

Market Research, Feasibility Studies and evaluation

Market Research, Feasibility Studies and evaluation

We support businesses in research and market linkage, we support in due diligence and marketing plan for new and existing businesses. Finance International Centre stands us a bridge to new businesses to conquer the new markets.

Information Communication Technology Services

Information Communication Technology Services

Software Development We provide Technological innovation in management. Our Software solutions are in financial institutions, Informal sector accounting system, mobile applications and Cooperative Management. We also provide loan portfolio management software for the SACCOS to ensure technological innovation in operations..

Credit Advisory Services

Credit Advisory Services

Finance International Centre is an Expert-based Services provider. We provide advisory service and technical analysis tools to individual and enterprises seeking to borrow from financial institutions. We also provide consumer Credit Counseling to provide guidance for clients facing financial hardships. Our trained professional Team of experts in money management listens to you, assesses your financial situation, and suggests consumer debt solutions that best suit your unique needs.

Accounting System Set for SMEs

Accounting System Set for SMEs

In our experience in developing markets, the private sector is dominated by informal sector that cannot afford to manage its own financials. Our findings indicated that, lack of financial management knowledge and lack of accounting tools leads to big losses especially in informal sector market operators. Our approach to support the sector is to design adapted financial reporting tools and accounting software that fits with the market requirements with financial affordability to use. We offer software solution for Accounting to businesses and organizations at affordable cost and conditions.

Products Development for Microfinance Institutions and SACCOS

Products Development for Microfinance Institutions and SACCOS

We support in Loan Products, Savings Products, Insurance and Leasing for Microfinance institutions. As Experts in Financial Services Industry, we provide technical support to Microfinance and SACCOS in the process products development including market assessment, risk management, product development and testing, piloting test until the product launch and marketing.

Grant Proposal Development

Grant Proposal Development

We offer our expertise in grant proposals and advice about the process of planning and writing a proposal. We value the overall purposes, audiences, and expectations of the donors in order to make the proposal more attractive and responsive to donors’ needs across with the project contexts. Our general approach is important to link professional proposals with the donors community based projects.

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Technically Offered Services are key for higher performance

Deo Twaremwekimwe

Business Manager & Digital Finance Specialist

Mr. Deo has a Degree in Business Information Technology. During the last 6 years, he has achieved to integrate technology in business through a set of tools of analysis and accounting systems.


Financial Analyst & Tax Consultant

Our esteemed Financial Analyst & tax consultant is a highly motivated and results-driven professional, boasting an impressive six-year tenure in the dynamic realms of finance, accounting, taxation, business consulting, and audit. With a solid foundation anchored by a Master's degree in Finance and a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, our consultant's career journey has been defined by an unwavering commitment to excellence. Demonstrating a remarkable track record of accomplishments across a spectrum of business facets, our tax consultant is your trusted partner in navigating the intricate landscape of taxation and financial strategy.

Emmanuel Tuyizere

Banking and Finance Expert

He has 13 years of experience with specialization n Banking, Finance and Business development consulting. He has conducted a business assessment and strategic development to various local and international organization. He has experience in bank leadership, credit administration and financial management.

Byicaza Mutabazi

Microfinance Expert

He has a Degree of Finance. He has been working in Microfinance and SACCOS’ Industry since 2011. He has special skills in Microfinance development, auditing and regulation.

Claudine Giramahoro

Accountant & Administrative Assistant

She has a Diploma in Accounting Science. She has been 7 years of work experience as accountant and administrative assistant.


Automation Project of Financial institutions

The project consists of 8 SACCOS that are being connected to Core Banking System. For all SACCOS, we are in charge of support in Data collection, data cleaning cleaning and work closely with the Core banking system provider for data migration, validation and system go-live. Access to Finance Rwanda is the Funder of the project.


Developing Tailored Loan Products for the Health Sector financing in Rwanda

Funded by Palladium Group, the project aims at selecting financial institutions and supporting them to develop health sector targeted products to facilitate access to finance to entrepreneurs undertaking projects in health sector in Rwanda.


Elaboration of the Business Plan for Rulindo non-Umurenge merged SACCOs

The primary objective of this project is to provide technical support to the Technical Committee (composed of BNR, RCA, AMIR and Rulindo district) in collaboration with the German Sparkassenstiftung Eastern Africa regarding business planning, financial forecasting, and budgeting; the key performance being the registration and the licensing of the amalgamated SACCO. This includes the consolidation of cleaned data of 5 Non Umurenge SACCOs ( COOPEC ITI, CSTCR, CSPKI, CODEMARU and TRASO) of Rulindo district, the work on -SACCO by-laws, business plan, financial forecasting and budgeting, the endorsement of key internal policies and procedures manuals aligned with the legal and regulatory framework in force as well as with international best practices in the microfinance industry.

  • Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali City Kicukiro District P.O Box: 5161 Kigali/Rwanda